Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Down Syndrome Day 2013!

Today is World Down Syndrome Day! 
It is a day to celebrate people who have Down Syndrome. 
A day to remember, or maybe realize, that DS is AWESOME!

I don't really have anything profound to say. I just want to remind people to see their ability. 

We can explore.

We can be Mexican princesses.

We can be loved.

 We can be brave.

We can get tattoos!

We can accomplish goals.

 We can be proud Aunties.

We can be adopted.

We can enjoy fine wine!

We can believe in Santa!

We can be friends.

We can go camping!

 We can meet a princess.

We can swim in the ocean.

We can babysit.

We can be grumpy.

We can pole dance.

We can play music.

We can be a flower girl.

We can be long awaited for.

We can be goofs.

We can learn two languages and move across the world.

We  can be a big sister.

We can have fun!

We can hate the snow.

We can be cute!

We can bake.

We can be granddaughters.

We can be sisters.

We can be gentle.

We can give great hugs.

We usually steal the show. 

We can be a Daddy's girl. 
We can be inspiring. 

Don't underestimate us.


emily said...

oh katie.... this is so so beautiful. Love this post! Such a beautiful tribute to both your girls : )

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post and all the amazing pictures. Happy WDSD!

The Porters' Lodge said...

Love this -- in other words, we can be just as human as anyone else.

Carolyn said...

What a beautiful post! =)

Katie said...

Thanks Everyone!

Katie said...

Thanks Everyone!