About Me

I'm a nearly thirty year old wife, mother, lover, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, and friend. I think that covers the most important facets of my life right now :)

I'm a stay at home mom, a job that I'm still wrapping my head around. I never thought that I would be happy without outside work, but  I love staying at home with my girls. They exhaust me most days, and frustrate me beyond sanity but that is part of the fun! They are truly little angels that God has blessed me with. We also have one little surprise on the way! Baby #3 is due for New Years!

Livi is my first daughter who was naturally born too us. She is a vivacious four year old with no fear. She loves gymnastics, music, dancing, animals, water, being dirty, running, jumping, and NEVER stops talking! I love her all or nothing personality. She is the best parts of both Jon and I. I adore watching her learn and figure out how to do things by herself now. She takes so much pride in her accomplishments. I'm excited to see where she goes in life! It is going to be very exciting.

Sofie is my second daughter who was a natural choice to bring in to our family. She is also four and came home from Bulgaria summer 2011. She has added so much to our family already and we are still figuring each other out. She is my more delicate daughter and loves to play with tea sets and baby dolls. She also LOVES music. Music reaches her at levels that I can't and it is beautiful to see. She is teaching me how to dance like nobody is watching. As Livi puts it, "My sister has designer genes!", meaning she has Down Syndrome. I can't wait to see what she will do to change the world!

Jon, my handsome husband, is an already thirty year old Quality Service Analyst for CLBC. That is a fancy title that means he does the paper work half of a social worker for developmentally delayed adults who qualify for funding from the government. He really loves his job and is good at it! He had worked for years at a job that he didn't like and I have to say, it is a relief to have your husband coming home everyday from a job that he loves.

Jon is an incredible father and a wonderful mate. Although I began my life in a home with an abusive, domineering father, when I married Jon I was able to officially break the cycle that my mom had already started to crack. He respects and values me, does not raise his voice to me and makes me smile. He is the complete opposite of me, which compliments and balances our relationship... while sometimes leading to some pretty fabulous disagreements.

This is an "About Me" page... So, what else can I say about myself?

I've gone through a lot in my, some what, short life. I have come a long way since 2008 particularly. I had to grow up very early and be a parent to my siblings. My mom got stronger and took charge of her life when I was ten. We left my father and began our lives, free from his oppression. I went through some rebellious teen years, came out relatively un-scarred and settled down when I met my husband. Our ten years together hasn't been unscathed. In 2008 we faced our biggest trials together. A depression diagnosis, the death of a parent, the birth of our daughter, a close sibling cut us out of her life, and a loved job was lost all in a six month period. We took some very huge steps separately and together to overcome this period in our lives and I can confidently say that we are both better people now and our relationship is much stronger. 

I like who I am, flaws and all. I'm human and I like the journey I am on. I'm authentic, hospitable, organized, assertive, and try to be creative... not in a crafty sort of way but in how I approach life. I like taking pictures of my kids, listening to music I can sing along with, eating delicious food and wine and midnight cuddles with my kids. I am a Christian with a solid connection and relationship to God, although I do have some rather strong, "post-evangelical" views when it comes to how that part of my life manifests itself.

I began blogging when I was pregnant with my first daughter as a way to keep track of my adventures in to motherhood. I have since discovered that I enjoy blogging. It seems to be very therapeutic for me and a it helps organize my thoughts. I hope you enjoy this glimpse in to my mind and the journey I am on towards Becoming Human.