Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writing and Responsibility

I had a super proud Mommy moment on Friday :) Thursday my "baby" sporadically started writing letter "i's" all over her pages by herself. Then on Friday I sat with her and practiced the rest of the letters in her name. This was the result...

At 2.5 years old my little girl can write her name! That is crazy to me! Where did my baby go?!

The other day I got Livi the Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart. I know, I know. She is only 2.5! But, she LOVES it! She is SO excited to put her magnet on each goal at the end of the day. Before we do a task, like eating nicely at the table, we review what the rules/goals are. When she completes the task for the day with minimal prompting from us, she get to put her magnet on the board. You should see her face. It is so proud, it looks like she might burst! I love seeing her confidence building. In two days she is  a completely different child at the table which is so nice for Mommy and Daddy!


liz_monaghan86 said...

You should get one of those for Jon!

emily said...

hm... maybe I should get this for Moses! He is HORRIBLY messy and rude at the dinner table!!!

Go livi! You have one smart kid on your hands.