Sunday, January 23, 2011

More on Sofie

We got video and some new pictures of Sofie on Friday! I can not get over how incredibly cute she is. Unimaginably cute! Beautiful! ADORABLE! I want to squish her! Okay, maybe I'm a little biased but, seriously, I don't know how anyone couldn't think she is gorgeous :)

We got about five thirty second videos of her playing with toys and I keep watching my favorites over and over. My favorite of all is where they have her in a little rolling walker and keep giving her a little rubber duck. She keeps throwing it and they keep giving it back. Then they try to give her a ball and she whips that out of camera view too, then lays back in her chair triumphantly! I think we have a thrower coming!

The orphanage visit report from our Anido, our Bulgarian agency, gave us a lot of personal information too! She can't quite walk alone yet but she can when she is holding an adults hand or sturdy furniture. She will walk soon but her little legs are so skinny right now! I think she needs some fattening up and increased muscle tone yet. Selfishly, I am kind of hoping that she doesn't walk until she is with us. I would love to be there to see her take her first steps!

She apparently LOVES music. Whenever she hears her body starts "shaking"! I love this :) I think we are going to take her to Kindermusic or something of the like in September. That is something I could take both girls too without too much trouble and it is really good for development as well. She grabs and bangs toys together, puts them in her mouth or throws and can clap her hands. I think our initial guess of her development being around the 12 month mark is pretty accurate.

I laughed when they described her personality. Sofie "is quiet, gentle, likes to be pampered and to be center of the attention of the people around her." Identical to her Auntie Maggy! They are meant to be related! She can also wave hello, pronounce some syllables (like da, ba, ma I think) and likes to explore her reflection. She is curious, maintains concentration on something for a long period of time, shares really well and is not aggressive.

I'm not assuming that all this information is completely accurate but it sure is promising! You know how people always say you get your angel birth child first and then your second is extremely difficult? Does that work for adoptions too? Our first birth child was a breeze. From this description, our first adopted child sounds pretty "easy" as well. Is this a tease to keep us adopting?! Maybe we should just stop while we are ahead! I doubt it....


Gwyn's Adventures said...

auntie lisa showed me the video of her throwing the ducky and ball and i just oooohhhed and awweeed the whole time. she is so adorable i can't even stand it! you guys are so blessed!

Hellen said...

Awww, what a wonderful description. And she DOES sound like Maggy! i can't even imagine how hard this wait is for you.

emily and mike said...

She sounds AMAZING! So sweet. That would be really neat if you got to see her take her first independent steps!

I can't wait to meet her : ) Come on VISA!