Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Year & the 100th

On a friends blog I read, she always marks her milestone blog posts and is up to 600! I'm not quite there yet, but I was curious what my number was. This post marks my 100th post on this blog! and it is the one year anniversary since we started our adoption process!

One year ago, today, we announced to everyone that we were going to adopt a toddler! Original post is HERE. We have come such a long way this year, but not quite far enough for my liking! I have learned so much and am thankful for all the support we have received so far. Most of the reactions to our news has been very positive and I can't wait to introduce Sofie to you all!

How fabulous to imagine where we will be next year!


Christine said...

Congratulations! Hopefully your 200th post and your 2 year mark will be with your 2 girls :)