Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Belated Mother's Day post...

Mother's day was just what I wanted... A quiet day with my family. Jon made me toast with butter and honey for breakfast. (My breakfast of choice lately). Then we all went to Birchwood Dairy for some sandwiches, ice cream, playtime and to check out all the new baby cows! I got a nap, did some solo grocery shopping and got a delicious basil and feta pasta for dinner!

Livi kept finding me flowers and rocks and giving them to me as a "surprise" for Mother's Day.

The one unwanted "pleasure" was coming home from grocery shopping to help Jon clean up Sofie who was caked in poop. You couldn't see her cheeks because it was so thick. It was all up her arms, in her hair and dried on to every rung of her crib. She must have been quietly playing in it for over an hour. It was epic.
We threw out the sheet.

I love my kids. Covered in poop and everything. I will remember this Mother's Day for a long time! I love being a mom!


Laura said...

Oh mylanta!
You are hilarious!
I was all oohing and aahing about how lovely this post was--and then I got to the poop-sheet.

Oh my word! Mansions in heaven, I say! That's what you're building! Bless you, mama! xoxo